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Help Prevent the Ebola Pandemic in West Africa

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The Ebola virus is a rare and annihilative disease which has a 90% fatality rate. In 1976, the first occurrence of Ebola was recorded in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 318 people tested positive for the disease, and 280 died. Between 1976 and 2013, the virus has sporadically reoccurred in remote parts of the world and has claimed the lives of more than 1,548 people. Due to the virus’ sporadic occurrences, medical researchers have been unable to find a cure. Little is known of the virus but that it can be contracted through bodily fluids (sweat, blood, saliva, semen, urine) and close contact to areas of infection. Symptoms observed in Ebola patients include reddening of the eyes, diarrhea, swelling of the genitals, profuse internal and external bleeding, etc. The most recent and also deadliest case of Ebola is currently occurring in West Africa. The first case of Ebola in West Africa was reported from a small Guinean district in the February of this year. Three days later, a bordering country, Liberia, identified its first Ebola victim. On March 31, only a day later, Sierra Leone marked the third West African country to have succumbed to the disease. And on July 22, a Liberian-American who stopped in Nigeria, died of the disease there. Between these four African countries, 1,200 cases of Ebola have been reported, while more than 672 people have been pronounced dead. 672 may seem too little a number for a so-called fatal disease, but other unmentioned details of the outbreak may cause more alarm. The first detail to note is that the virus has been spreading in very remote regions, and has been contained in these remote regions of West Africa because of the doctors who have been stridently working to halt the outbreak. Dr. Sheik Umar, a Sierre Leonean doctor who had treated more than 100 Ebola victims died of the disease on July 23. Dr. Samuel Brisbane, a Liberian doctor who had also been working against the outbreak died on July 27. Dr. Kent Brantly, an American doctor from Texas who had been in Liberia for more than 3 months, and who also played a major role in eradicating the virus, is in grave condition and needs serious medical attention. Nancy Writebol, an American missionary and Health Care worker also helping to eradicate the virus has fallen ill to it. The sudden illness of major Doctors has caused local nurses to flee Ebola treatment centers, leaving many patients unattended and thus spread the disease.


These countries, on their own, cannot contain the Ebola. In Liberia for an example, the ratio of doctors to citizens is 1 to 100,000. But by signing and sharing this petition, more awareness will be created about the outbreak, thus increasing medical doctors and supplies sent to West Africa. Thank you. 

Samiritan Purse Has Pulled More of it's Workers Out of Liberia.

***Tell Who To Send More Doctors to West Africa***

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