Condemning Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, Tsuen Wan for refusing to treat protesters

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Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, Tsuen Wan refused to treat protesters in the recent protest against the extradition law to Mainland China in Hong Kong on 12th June 2019, citing they do not treat patients who involve in "criminal activities". The hospital then called the police to arrest a protester who was referred to another hospital.

We believe in the spirit of the common law, no one should be treated as criminals before he or she has been proven guilty before a court. This was also a breach of the code of conduct of healthcare professionals and violated the patients' human rights.

We urge the World Health Organization to look into this case in Hong Kong.

荃灣港安醫院 2019年6月21日以不治療「因犯罪活動」受傷的病人為名, 拒絕治療因反送中條例受傷的示威者。院方之後更報警追捕轉送其他醫院的示威者。

我們認為荃灣港安醫院違反專業操守, 侵犯病人私隱及權益。院方這樣做, 阻嚇求醫的病人, 危害病人生命。院方行為也違背普通法原則, 未審先判定示威者為犯罪者, 令人憤慨。