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Change Mental Health Dogma

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A Proposal on a better way to Resolve / Dissolve Mental Health Issues


We often find terms like Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Delusional Disorder and many other diagnostic disorders and terms for diseases. All of these so called diseases have a specific treatment plan in DSM which leads to a lot of dogma regarding requirement of treatment for a certain duration of time - e.g. 1 year for first episode psychosis, 2 years for second one, 5 years for a third one and lifetime if a psychotic episode happens after that. Due to this a lot of people have to go through treatment for the given durations when in actuality they might not require medications for that much length of time.
Life is a journey of learning and discovery - one keeps on learning about the God’s will all throughout life - It would be much better if we look at mental health issues (Wherever the person is cooperating) as counts / instances of going out of the will of God and try to treat the person on each of those counts making loving / caring or tough talk as the first line of treatment for each of the instance without giving any fixed labels rather basing the treatment on case by case basis by asking questions like -
- To what degree was the instance / happening out of God’s will?
- What were the causes of going out of God’s will - was it stress, unresolved interpersonal issues, substance, untrue beliefs or was it because of narcissistic tendencies?
- What was the duration for which one remained out of God’s Will?
- What impact did they have on self and what on others?
- What one consistently says one has learned about God’s will out of these instances / happenings? - most importantly.
- Whether one is willing to compensate for the damages caused to others in going out of God’s Will?

I know there will be disagreements about what is within and what was out of God’s will but for that authorities have to take a position on each count and reach agreement / disagreement (or resolve through judicial system) just like authorities now do for establishing Truth and reality about what has happened.

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