Allow Taiwan to join the WHO meeting for the "New Chinese SARS"

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The New SARS comes from Wuhan China , is spreading wildly around the world , infected people now found in countries like United States , Canada, Japan , Korea and Taiwan, as it is now.Just 3weeks ago from the outbreak from Wuhan China. As a nearby countries which now is also been infected , WHO should take this matter more seriously ,  needed to put aside the political pressure from China against Taiwan, who always trying to keep Taiwan out of WHO , as it is now 2020 WHO needed to wake up , respect basic human rights, let's face this crisis together as a global family. Taiwan as a nearby country to China who had frontline experience dealing with the first outbreak of SARS form Hongkong in 2002. Is time to let Taiwan be part of the WHO member officially!!!!!!!!  Taiwan is a country with open and honest attitude , Taiwan have advance medical system and medical technology!!!!