Sailors need lifesavers too!!! Wake up world!!!

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I am writing this to you as a wife of a seafarer and as a voice to the thousands of seafarers who are stuck in the ocean.
Covid-19 has affected the entire world bringing in death and destruction to human lives and has brought in terror and unease in the minds of the entire world with lockdowns and extreme steps taken to ensure safety of the nations. In this situation we fail to remain blinded to the fact that 90 % of the trade is still carried out by the marine transport.  As this pandemic has stuck the world, my husband as well as so many men and women seafarers are still working and discharging their duties as responsible entities in this world.In this ‘pandemic driven situation’ the professional seafarers have become “keyworkers providing essential services” to different ports. Though the IMO circular has notified that the marine personnel should be able to have movement for joining and returning back to their homes, I would like to bring to your notice that so many seafarers are unable to signoff and return home as most countries have denied them access into the land. 
A  seafarer usually sails leaving the rest of the family on land and return back after a particular time period. Even during normal circumstances its very emotionally demanding on the family and affects the psychological health and well-being of the entire family. In this pandemic, the situation has worsened leaving emotionally unstable workers in the ships, confused and unprotected families on land. On the other hand, seafarer's safety is not taken care in ports and locations where outside personnel enter the ships. 
So I request you at this tough situation the world is gripped in, to enhance the emotional wellbeing and safety of the seafarers:
* It's extremely crucial to maintain zero contact with outside personnel so the seafarers are safe in their ships which is their only home now! Presently the ship is the safest haven for all seafarers, and in order to maintain the status quo, there should be zero interaction with outsiders including surveyors, agents and other personnel from the port. This is because the ship is limited in resources to fight Covid19 infection in-terms of medical expertise, quarantine space etc. The infection may spread rapidly on a ship as  was in the case of the cruise ship 'The Daimond Princess'.

* We are well aware that the whole world is under a lockdown, with travel restrictions all over the world but we would like you take a proactive approach towards declaring the seafarers as ‘essential personnel’. This will allow the seafarers to travel without any hinderance after the lockdown is lifted. 

*On a weekly basis a mental health status of each seafarer needs to be checked by the shipping companies.

Kindly consider my petition as the voice of thousands of seafarer-families living on land with fear and anxiety.