Health for All: Keep Taiwan in the World Health Assembly (WHA)

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Why this is important
Health for All: Keep Taiwan in the World Health Assembly (WHA)

Since 2009, Taiwan has been invited by the WHO to participate as an observer to its World Health Assembly.  However, this year, without any official and legal explanation, Taiwan did not receive any invitation for the forthcoming WHA that will take place in Geneva from 22‐31 May, 2017.

Consequently, this year, Taiwan is threatened of not being able to participate to this international event.

Such situation is really incomprehensible because:

  • Excluding 23.5 millions of people living in Taiwan is against the main principles of WHO, namely “Health for All” and the “Right to Health”.
  • While those communicable diseases such as Ebola, avian flu, Zika and many others do not respect borders, not including Taiwan in the discussions and mechanisms to fight such virus represents a global health risk for everybody.
  • As the 21st economic power in the world as well as a country recognized for the quality and the access levels of its health system, Taiwan is capable of sharing its experience and expertise to actively support WHO and its member States to achieve health‐related UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

While EU, US, Canada, Japan as well as Taiwan’s diplomatic allies have been very supportive to Taiwan on this issue, a strong support from people everywhere can make the difference and convince WHO to invite Taiwan to join WHA for the benefit of all of us because there is no reason to exclude 23.5 million people from the global health governance!

organized by the Southwestern region Taiwanese American organizations