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"STOP" Chemtrails

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The WORLD is being poisoned from the sky, in the name of geo-atmospheric engineering. It started as a science project to manufacture artificial clouds, for Ozone layer depletion. That has since turned into combating UV-rays from the sun and is now being used to combat climate change. Which it was meant to do all along, by creating a greenhouse umbrella trapping heat and natural gases from escaping into the upper atmosphere, like it has, under normal conditions, for millions of years. Changing the climate temperatures worldwide, governments could use false claims of global warming to impose climate change laws and fees for the public, businesses, industries and agriculture sectors worldwide. While doing nothing in the way of fixing global warming or climate change at all. Along with these new laws and fees the governments are poisoning the planet, with dangerous chemicals, being used as a jet fuel additive, which is released at high altitudes in microscopic levels, then gravity pulls them to the ground, where they are easily ingested or leach through the skin, causing all kinds of cancers, health problems and birth defects. Not too forget mentioning, poisoning the air, water, soil, and the world's food chain, we as humans depend on to survive. So please sign this petition to stop the world governments from killing this planet called EARTH, and everything on it.

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