Hold all Scammers to account no matter where they are located

Hold all Scammers to account no matter where they are located

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Gee Browne started this petition to World Governments and

All Scammers should be hunted down and jailed. Investment Scammers, Romance scammers, Holiday home scammers, ALL SCAMMERS!!!

Scammers from Russia, China, India and Nigeria have been stealing money from innocent people for years and Iran has been mining coins at a very high rate. Sanctions will not stop Putin as China have the Yuan coin and they can trade with Russia regardless. Please help me to put and end to, ALL SCAMMERS!!!

I have started this petition because of a company called Finvestings.com who are owned by SANAKO SERVICE LTD were supposed to invest in Yuan (YCC) and Amazon on my behalf. They told me that my shares would be put into a wallet in coinbase but they used my money to trade with even encouraging me to make trades. Then they put my account into debt and pressurised me into getting money to save the account which I did by asking friends and family members to loan me the ten thousand pounds needed. 

I only realised it was a scam when the analyst put my account back into problems and then demanded that I give them a further five thousand pounds which I do not have and could not get. After getting help from friends we found out that both FinVesting.com and Finvesting.net are owned by Sanako Service Ltd and they use Bianance, Jubiter and Coinbase exchange to steal your money and then launder the money through other companies such as Clear Junction. Governments need to clamp down on these people even if they are based off shore. They were on an Amazon investment opportunity advert and that is the only reason I trusted them. Although Amazon have been informed they have offered no help despite the fact that Amazon owned Cloudflare are hosting Finvestings.com website. Governments need to do more to protect people. So I am calling on all Governments globally to take action and bring these people to justice. 

Finvestings.com, New vacation rental scam, coin-mining-Farm.com , Riveraammunition.com Monkeyvacation.com and Mind mining.com 

who are owned by Sanako Service Ltd are all scam companies. Finvestings.com even offer an Islamic Account directly targeting Muslims.

They then launder the money they have stolen through companies such as,

clear junction Ltd. Please research the information I am giving you so you know it is the truth and you can warn others.   

Clear Junction is owned by Mr Dmitri Kats.

CEO Dmitri Kats is a 46 years old (1975) Israeli citizen appointed to 2 companies.



My money along with the rest of Finvesting victims, is in:

Account number 31132903 Sort code 041307

Clear Junction Limited, . Clear Junction Ltd were paid a visit on Monday 02/07/2021 who manages the building informed us that Clear Junction were on a day off and would be back to work the following day. By Thursday 04/07/2021 they had packed up and moved out.


We found this advert today declaring the joint venture of Clear Junction and another company not registered with the FCA.

"We are delighted to announce that Turicum Private Bank has partnered with Clear Junction to access enhanced banking and payments solutions."

Clear Junction are now working with a Private Bank that has a PO Box in Gibraltar and another address in Zurich which indicates that Clear Junction Ltd are more involved in the Finvestings.com Scam than we thought.

After sending Simon Genderk the information I finally found on FCA UK the email below is what I received from him.

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued an investor warning against the Finvesting broker scam. The scam is operated by Sanako Service Ltd, registered in the Marshall islands, with the domains http://www.finvestings.com and http://www.fin-vestings.com A Finvesting investment news service based in Estonia is also active under the domain http://www.finvesting.net

Finvestings.com have now been blacklisted in Canada, Belgium, UK, 

Finvesting is presented as an award winning broker offering fast execution, the best liquidity and tight spreads with a number of assets – well over 500, including forex pairs and CFDs on stocks, indices and commodities, with a choice of three account types, including an Islamic one, leverage as high as 1:300 and a MetaTrader4 platform.

Exciting as it may sound, bear in mind that Finvesting is not a legit and regulated broker, but an offshore website, which has already been exposed as a scam by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. If you are still tempted by their offer, be sure to read the following review.

Is Finvesting legit?

No, a unregulated website like Finvesting can not be legit. Moreover that it has already been blacklisted as a scam by the financial authorities in the UK.

From: simon.g <>

Sent: 10 June 2021 14:51

To: Gee Browne <>

Subject: RE: Hi 

I have receive a long email from the support coming from you but once again. Making a U-turn after agreeing to use the company's fund as trading instrument is seen differently as scamming. So you can take you accusations to any authority and proceed how you will like. but without covering the credit of the company, the funds are going to stay right where the are. I believe you shouldn't waste a second further. Go On contact your people and let's see where that's going to lead you. It's a shame that you suddenly change this way and instead of facing the reality you accuse people of things cooked up from your own imagination.


If you have any decency left in you, you should cover the credit and give back the funds taken from people, otherwise they are going to realize the horrible person you are and a liar.




Account Manager


Website: https://finvestings.com/


Company's number: 

For assistance: https://anydesk.com/


I have been emailing customer service every day so why am I getting no response from them but Simon Genderk can send me another email like the one below.


From: simon.g <>

Sent: 30 July 2021 09:05


Subject: RE: Give me back my money


Happy to see that you are still pursuing this nonsense. Once again I will remind you that you have no money to receive as long as our credit is not paid, and you can stop wasting my time and yours with this email. I am not going to answer any other message from you of this kind. Good luck with your petition and other things you thought would ruin the company's reputation. 




Account Manager


Website: https://finvestings.com/


Company's number: 

For assistance: https://anydesk.com/


Finvesting.net is also owned by Sanako and we have managed to track down the three owners of this scam company.  These people are easily identifiable on Finvesting.net website. The two men also run a company KASICARS and will be running a scam car dealership this summer so please be aware!  #autokauppa #autosaksasta #autoruotsista


Eetu Hämäläinen  Co-Owner at Finvesting Global - Head of Marketing at Conquer Gaming Founder at KASICARS


Jani Lyytinen - out of network· 3rd+ Chairman of the Board - Co-Owner at Finvesting Global- 

Maija Nousiainen - Co-Owner at Finvesting Global - Content Manager

The FCA UK need to advertise their website so that people can check companies against the register before not after the scam has taken place.

Report scam companies to FCA UK and Action Fraud UK

Do not install Anydesk for them them to control your trades they use this to gain personal information and passwords when you are not on your computer.

Please leave reviews about your experience on Trust Pilot, Sitejabber and every review platform as fake good reviews help to promote scam companies so we need to counter that.

They must have a licence to operate so ask for that detail and check your FCA to make sure that the licence is legitimate.

Also please avoid any companies registered in the Marshall Islands or Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. They are offshore Banking Islands who are not concerned about fraudsters scamming people.

These are just some of the numbers that Finvesting have used to contact me, all spoof numbers. Please use "who called me" to check the numbers that unknown people call you from.

+361 700 9147  +354 421-2434

+442080972555  0203 8681685   0208 068 3050   0208 068 2539

+41 44 527 71 55   reagor jennifer, 523, 4143 Zürich, Switzerland

+41795066020  +441417947675060    +41445277191  +41795066020  +4144 520 6540   +4144 520 6539   +4122 424 6534  +4144 5086133   +4131 508 3243  +442030972863 +4144 508 6131

+4144 508 6045   +3228992816   +442086381250  +41445277191   +44 2030977763  

+442080976296   +442086381250   +41445277155  +442086381250    +442080972555   +442030977763   +442080971260   +4402030972837   +442086381415   +442086381201

UK police seize a record-breaking $250 million in cryptocurrency British police have confiscated cryptocurrency totalling £180 million ($249.35 million) as part of an investigation into money laundering following the transfer of dirty money into digital assets by criminal organizations.

Swede Sentenced to 15 Years of Prison Following a $16 Million Investment Scam

15 years of imprisonment await a Swede that recently pleaded guilty to being the head of a massive Thailand-based investment scam that had defrauded thousands. The decision to imprison Roger Nils-Jonas Karlsson for 15 years was taken by a US court.

The culprit was convicted of securities fraud, money laundering, and wire fraud. Karlsson was apprehended in Koh Chang, a large Thai district, in 2019 under a warrant filed by Interpol. He was later handed over to US authorities.

Great news but, what about the victims of scammers?




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