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World Gold Council - Stop Gold Mining in Tibet

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Ask them to remove Tibet's gold from market. Tibetans have been imprisoned, beaten, killed or disappeared for opposing mining. Resource extraction has increased tensions between Tibetan residents & Chinese miners, resulting in escalation of human right abuses against Tibetans. Huge mining with greedy would definitely affect the nature climates not only of Tibet but also of whole major Asian countries.

Introduction: Conflict-Free Gold Standard
Responsibly run companies, operating in a conflict-affected or high-risk environment can play a powerful and positive socio-economic role. In contrast, stopping operations can cause greater instability as livelihoods are destroyed and economic progress stifled. Where a mine is located in a conflict or high-risk zone focus moves to whether the company has the right policies, systems and skills to enable it to operate in conformance with leading international benchmarks. The draft standard has three pillars: a ‘conflict’; a ‘company’; and a ‘commodity’ assessment. The draft standard contains a demanding framework of benchmarks and prompts through which companies must assess the adequacy of their systems and analyse their impacts upon those around them. Their conclusions must be auditable.
The standard is underpinned by a declaration of principles which includes implementing companies’ commitment to: respect human rights; ensure that payments are not made, directly or indirectly, to armed groups; be transparent about their payments to governments; only accept gold from conforming sources; and to establish a credible and accessible grievance mechanism.


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China vows not to let Tibet’s mine reserves ‘just sleep there’: China is to accelerate investment in exploration of mineral resources in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) in the coming five years, given its large proven and potential reserves of vital deposits, reported China’s official Xinhua news agency Aug 13.
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Bold online appeals address persistent lead poisoning in Qinghai water supply: Urgent appeals have been posted online in Qinghai about lead poisoning in the local water-supply due to named mining and smelting operations, following up from a report in the Chinese state media in 2006 confirming that excessive levels of lead in the area had resulted in “panic” among parents.
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Mining Company Profiles

Under Chinese occupation, Tibetans have no voice to determine the use of their own natural resources. Mining in this context poses a serious threat to the Tibetan people, their culture and the environment. Join the global effort to get the following mining companies to immediately withdraw from Tibet.

1. China Gold International Resouces Corp. Ltd  
2. Lara Exploration
3. Eldorado Gold
4. Inter-Citic Minerals Inc.
5. Sterling Group Ventures, Inc.

Map of Tibet showing Canadian Mining Projects in Tibet

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