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June 11, 2013 2:45 AM Eastern USA time.

As Salaam Aleykum.  Bismillah...

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The nation of Mali, in northwest Africa, has since independence
been an uneasy throwing together of two incompatible elements
within the same national boundaries: the black African people of
the southwest one-third of the country, and the Tuareg and Moor   
people of the northeastern two thirds. The Tuareg and Moor
people of Gao, Kidal and Tombouctou provinces do not want
to belong to Mali. They want their own country, Az Awad.
They fought for it, and they won independence in March
of 2012. Unfortunately, world diplomats acted to overthrow
its independence, based on a refusal to recognize the self-
determination of Az-Awad. This is a shameful inconsistency
which ignores the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.
This diplomatic groupthink and bungling led to a takeover
of Az-Awad by violent and destructive groups, as the young
nation of Az-Awad was left twisting in the wind by a refusal
of all world nations to recognize it.
Malian troops tried to retake Az-Awad, and could not;
in fact, the country of Mali proper has been in disarray
for some time. One indicator of the disorganization of
Mali is the fact that Mali is the third largest producer of
gold in Africa - and yet the country is poverty-stricken.
No wonder the people of Az-Awad declared independence
against the backdrop of an ungovernable country!
French troops more recently entered Az-Awad, and
unfortunately got more than they bargained for. They
found out that the Tamasheq people, when fired upon,
fire back. So France declared victory and left.
That doesn't solve the basic problem.
Labelling all pro-independence groups as terrorists
is a lowball tactic which doesn't solve the problem
of terrorist elements in "northern Mali" -
it PERPETUATES the problem and guarantees
another fifty years of warfare, in the most 
dangerous way.
It is time for a binding PLEBISCITE to be held in the
three provinces of Gao, Kidal and Tombouctou,
which were once under the Malian flag and have
since rebelled to become Az-Awad, and are now
in a state of disorganized transition which can best
be described as dangerous and non-foresighted
The question to be asked in the plebiscite, and
put to a vote among the 1.5 million people of
Az-Awad (or at least those who are of voting age -
but then, why set an age limit on the vote, when
people are voting for or against independence)
is this question:
Do you want the place where you live to be
A) part of Mali, or
B) part of a new, independent
country that is not part of Mali?
No desert warfare, no repression, no biased, anti-white
Organization of African Unity diplomatic cabal
against independence for Az-Awad - just a vote,
is enough to decide the issue once and for all.
The introduction of a few French troops into the
stream of events cannot change things in favor of
continued Malian colonization of Az-Awad in the
long run. If Mali needs French troops to retake
Az-Awad, then not only is Mali subverting the
independence of a neighboring country which
really wants nothing more than peace with Mali
selling its own sovereignty to France.
Let Mali govern itself without French assistance
and let Mali not be a protectorate of France; and
let Az-Awad decide its own future with ballots
and a peaceful vote, and let the rest of the world
abide by and support the decision of the people
of Az-Awad.
It is best if the plebiscite takes place on or before Saturday,
July 13, 2013 - in order to stabilize the situation as quickly
as possible, and to prevent the recurrence of violent war
in the region. And the people of Az-Awad, who have fought
for their own independence and won it through bullets,
can certainly vote on their own through ballots. There
is no power on earth that can stop them from doing that.
And there is a power in Heaven that will support them.
Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

On June 11-12, 2013, this section was added to the above petition:

I would like to respectfully suggest that the Az Awad Constitution
include a clause which guarantees religious freedom, which
provides for a secular government, and which guarantees all
other individual freedoms in the style of a republic -
freedom of communication,freedom of travel, freedom to petition,
freedom of peaceable assembly, and freedom from injustice and dictatorship.
All nationalities should be respected, including those who have
fled during the war and who will be welcomed back
and repatriated - and compensated, if need be.
The judiciary should be lenient and non-theocratic in nature.
The entire government should adhere to the equivalent of the
"no religious Test" clause in Article Six of the US Constitution.

The entire legal system of Az Awad should conform to the
highest standards of human rights to be found in
international declarations and international law.

Furthermore, I would like to volunteer my services, to make myself available
as a diplomat at the highest levels of the
Azawadian Government;
and to be honored to accept dual US and Azawadian citizenship.

Inshallah, Scott Davis
PO Box 877
Edgmont,  PA  19028-0877

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