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Boycott World Cup 2018 in Russia

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BOYCOTT the Games. BOYCOTT the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia.

Annexation of the Crimea (Ukraine), invasion of Eastern Ukraine, detention of Ukrainian citizens, detention of Russian citizens, murder of Boris Nemzov, murder of Sergei Magnitsky, attempted murder of Vladimir Kara Murza, murder and attempted murder of opposition in Russia... What crime is the Kremlin planning next?

We Demand:

1. Vladimir Putin, release all political prisoners - this includes Ukrainian citizens such as Oleh Senzow who were abducted and taken as hostages as well as Russian citizens who were detained such as Alexey Pichugin

2. Vladimir Putin, abandon your geopolitical ambitions and set the whole of Ukraine free

3. Vladimir Putin, hold fair Russian presidential elections - Alexey Navalny must be allowed to run for president

4. Vladimir Putin, we want justice for Sergei Magnitsky, for Boris Nemtsov and for every other murdered civilian, politician, journalist, lawyer - your regime is responsible for it. 


We Appeal to the World Community:

The Putin regime must come to terms with all four claims - if one is missed we urge you to stay away from the World Cup 2018 in the Russian Federation

We should not allow the Putin regime to boost its standing in the world and should prevent him from using the World Cup as he did the Sotchi Olympic games if he fails to comply. 

The political prisoners in Russia and the people in Ukraine are counting on us. 




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