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THANK YOU SO MUCH & information of me

Hi! A while ago, when I created this undersigned, with no owner and no information on who did it, I had any support. So I made just one text, my text, with all my ideas, all my opinions, all my will to change something, no matter how small. And I published it. But now, with almost 23,900 supporters (THANK YOU VERY MUCH❤️❤️) and the number changing every day, I feel I have to tell you something about myself. Of course, I have a lot to be thankful for, 23,000 supporters is already much more than I could ever imagine, for just one text! This support was the step I needed to put an end to all my insecurities and finally come face to face. So yesterday I prepared everything to give you a face, a name, a profile and an email where you can tell me something (the last two will be at the bottom of this post). Then I will tell you some things about myself, and algae will surprise you. My birth name is Erica, but everyone calls me Lil Cookie, so I loved that name for my "career"�. I'm (tchan tarantaaan) 15. It's true, I'm just a teenager, but I already have my ideals well defined. And I'm a Portuguese teen��✌️.So I think that's it, this time it's the most I can say, I'll try to post more here, and I hope you like it! I'll leave Instagram's account and email down here. Follow me for more about me!  Instagram account: @lilcookie.blmemail: info.lil.cookie@gmail.com 

Erica santos
2 years ago