Who owns power?The leaders or the led? #WeThePeople #WeSpeak #Nigeria #NoLoans! #WorldBank

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"The person wearing a pair of shoe knows where it pinches the most"

No need for a lot of grammar as these are perilous times, so here are the highlights:

The Nigerian government has gotten approval for a loan of $2.1bn from the world bank for uncompleted projects.

Nigeria's presidential election (which requires a lot of expenditure) is around the corner (16th February next year to be precise) and needs to be funded.

The people have not benefited from any tangible government projects in a long time. We appreciate the benevolence of the World bank and other international organizations, but our future and that of our children, is being used as collateral for projects we may never enjoy.

We would like the world bank and the international community to hold off releasing any monies to the government until after elections. In less than a year, the government can resume aggressive completion of projects, but the state of Nigeria and our economy, requires prudence. We have waited this long for "these projects", haven't we?

Can the government prudently prove to us and the international community through completing some key projects, that they can be trusted with so much? To whom much is given, much is expected. We demand inclusion and we demand transparency, or do we not have these rights?

We are not pointing fingers or playing the blame game rife with this current administration (strings of bad decisions and bad governance has brought us where we are). We just refuse to sit by and watch them use our future to secure the next term of governance.

We hope the world bank and the international community will listen to the voice of the people and suspend the release of any monies temporarily.  "Do not pour petrol on a burning fire". 

We the people need to see that there is hope and democracy is not an illusion. They are doing this for us, are they not?

Let us take power back one step at a time by signing this petition and lending our voices now that we may be heard. We have bled and suffered enough!

We have a say, or don't we?