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To make every copyright owner in Kenya a beneficiary of Ubongo Capital(TM)

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  • Establish Tax Free copyrights in Kenya
  • Promote individuals and business copyright owners as beneficiaries of Ubongo Capital(TM)
  • Provide copyright owners the incentive to create commercial value from personal economic goals through increased networks and wealth management of royalties
  • Establish Ubongo Capital(TM) as a public benefit trademark for use by innovative companies, academia and mwananchi (locals) overseen by UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law) and the World Bank


  1. Ubongo Capital(TM) is a non-profit, open source, and public benefit trademark for use by innovative companies, academia, and citizens as a policy to defend their copyrights by a means of settling copyright disputes arising from infringement and violation of individual copyright royalties. Ubongo Capital(TM) is considered and assessed as a mechanism for supporting copyrights from infringement and a means for every copyright holder to generate revenue from their royalties
  2. The mechanics of Ubongo Capital(TM) involve the interaction between any type of copyright holder. To achieve individual copyright royalties, the individual must first bear the responsibility of setting up their own copyright portfolio using World Bank personal or business account in order to give a copyright commercial value without being imposed additional taxation. This can be achieved in a number of ways which can become infinitely accessible to any individual or business given the expansion of digital communication and the likes of mobile banking
  3. However, in this manifestation to engage Kenyans with reasonable and non-discriminative copyright service, eligibility is verified when the public can access copyright knowledge about every step of the process required to produce desirable copyright outcomes. While a series of community standards will emerge within Ubongo Capital(TM) to perform the following duties to copyright holders in Kenya:

Conflict Free - All copyrights must be filed with KIPI (Kenya Intellectual Property Institute) office from people who willfully, and with consent participate in copyright creativity.

Oppression Free - All extraction, processing and production of copyrights must be conducted with the consent of individuals who are free to choose an operate their own copyright economic goals and are not engaged under duress.

Economical - All extraction, processing and production of copyrights must be evident from ownership documentation and the copyright owner must be affirmatively advised as to why Ubongo Capital(TM) is a non-profit, open source and public benefit trademark.

Reciprocal - All registered and pending copyrights and their use must be actively shared with all participants in the copyright chain allowing the origination of value added copyrights to learn how to process and distribute copyright material thereby building knowledge capacity for subsequent endevours. One can note Ubongo Capital(TM) standards set forth relate to social and economic vitality, harmony and prosperity of every copyright owner.


  1. Every copyright owner will be required to setup their copyright account with World Bank and accompanying copyright material. This will include a statement involved in bringing the copyright to the market including distribution. Every copyright holder in the process can sign this petition and the signed petition will be made publicly available through digital communication
  2. Ubongo Capital(TM) is meant to be self-sustaining and requires no additional taxation on copyrights. As a result, every copyright owner acts as a beneficiary to committing themselves with Ubongo Capital(TM) in obtaining royalties and licensing opportunities with external networks. The only fees used by Ubongo Capital(TM) is to cover maintenance on administration and audit costs and any excess that will be invested in awarding tax credits for sourcing development platforms held by copyright owners
  3. Integrity of Ubongo Capital(TM) will commit to every copyright owner whether granted or pending
  4. Integral copyright services offered by Ubongo Capital(TM) will operate under UNCITRAL (UN Commission on International Trade Law) through the World Bank. Board members will only serve a four(4) year term with one third replaced every two(2) years. Management of Ubongo Capital(TM) include an inner circle, a UN Executive Director, Director of Accountability and controller. These positions will be appointed by the UN. Positions will not be limited to anyone provided Ubongo Capital(TM) will serve copyright owners at the pleasure of improving copyright commercialization in Kenya
  5. To pave way for the future, Ubongo Capital(TM) will have influence in establishing tax free copyrights. The same is also expected in fully integrating patents, utility models, design rights, trade secrets and trademarks as a one stop service station. Namely KIPI (Kenya Intellectual Property Institute) as a TAX FREE zone


If you happen to be reading this petition and own a copyright in Kenya you have the opportunity to make yourself a beneficiary of Ubongo Capital(TM) to generate royalties as copyright income. 

Please join us!


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