Sylvester Omoromi's death should not be concealed by Dowen college. They know his killers.

Sylvester Omoromi's death should not be concealed by Dowen college. They know his killers.

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Started by Som_ tee

Good day.

Maltreatment of students is unfortunately becoming rampant in Nigeria and everyone is turning a blind eye. I know very well that this petition may never be seen but I believe it is worth a shot. 

In my country, everything seems upsidedown. Everything is difficult for the less privileged but the wealthy keep excelling. Teenagers are now criminals   with a brutal state of mind. Sylvester Omoromi is not the first student to have an unfortunate school experience but he's the first so far who has died. His death has gone viral but everyone is turning away from the truth. The truth that a young boy almost Twelve years of age was brutally beaten and forced to drink a liquid that burned his lips, mouth and throat. He couldn't walk, couldn't be carried without crying in pain and wouldn't give up the identity of his offenders. He had to lie so that they wouldn't kill him. Maybe he saw that his time was near and there was no helping him out of his situation, so he finally spoke up. 

The authority denied everything. Every single thing. I would say that I expected that to happen. Almost everyone in Nigeria is incompetent! No one wants to raise an alarm. Please I need your help. Please he die and be forgotten.

I was bullied and I felt like the entire world was against me. I thought i was given the worst treatment until I saw this. I don't want children to go throway I went through. Although i am not legal yet, I believe that I too can have a say.

 Sylvester needs a voice. He may be gone but his family is still here mourning for two reasons.

  1. Their last child, the littlest Omoromi had passed away from this life before those before him.
  2. He did not pass on due to natural causes.
  3. His killers are still out there enjoying freedom while their son is six feet underground.
  4. No one wants to do anything about it.

I had to go international because nationally, this case is close to hopeless.

I need someone who has a voice and that is my reason for sending this to you.

Do you remember George Floyd?

Sylvester Omoromi is not different. 

I know that you have a very busy schedule but please we all need your help.


Thank you so very much for your time.

I do hope you are able to do something about this.

Once again, thank you.


9 have signed. Let’s get to 10!