Let's Save Kerala by extending our helping hands to raise the life& resources of keralites

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Respected dignitaries all over the world,

We need urgent international aid to recover our lives

Kerala is the southernmost state in India.With the dangerous weather change causing heavy rains,almost all the dams are opened in the state in last few days causing flood in the whole state.Hundreds lost their lives and more than 4 lakh people are moved to camps and hundreds are dispaced.Government marked a loss of 20000 crore rupees.Dead bodies are flowing through water at some places.There are no means of proper burial too.Red alert has been declared in 3 districts including Idukki.Puboic transportation facilities including roads,vehicles,bridges,hospitals and public infrastructure has been disrupted.Rescue is proceeding very well. Camps lack sanitation facilities and medical services.There is a situation of urgent deliveries.Babies are also affected.People suffer from epidemics such as chicken pox in camps. Many of the houses are destroyed and normal life is damaged. Electricity has gone off for past 3 days competely.Many people are stuck in their houses. Eventhough water level is going down in Aluva,it is causing great havoc in Alappuzha.All people of Alappuzha district are to be moved to camps.Aged ones suffer a lot. We need urgent financial help to recover as well as to regain basic facilities.Please do help.Any contributions can make a change. 

I kindly request your help