Cancellation of all results of track and field athlete Galina Chistyakova

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We Russian Amateurs and professionals in the field of sports have been outraged for more than 11 years by the work that the current world record holder in the long jump, Galina Chistyakova, has been doing since the end of her sports career. Namely: In the period from April 5, 2009 to April 21, 2009, on the air of the Russian radio station Avtoradio, where she worked at that time as chief editor of the information service, she allowed the release of People's News of the following content:


What awaits us in Vancouver? The Russian team at the XX Olympic games in Turin took fourth place in the team competition, winning 22 medals: 8 gold, 6 silver and 8 bronze. Judging by the results of our athletes ' participation in the world Championships this winter, the result of the team competition is 12th place.

In a Country with favorable climate conditions for the development of winter sports, interest in regular training in these most medal-intensive sports has sharply decreased:
Speed skating - 12 sets.
Cross-country skiing – 12 sets.
Biathlon – 10 sets.
Alpine skiing - 10 sets.
Short track – 8 sets.

There are 15 sports represented at the Winter Olympics. It turns out an interesting arithmetic: In five of them: speed running, cross-country skiing, biathlon, Alpine skiing, short track 52 sets are played. This is exactly a third of all 84's. For a team victory, (let's say - conditionally), it is enough to win all the gold in one of the types. Ponder. These types are just the most unpopular in Russia. Sport TV channel prefers sports games: football, hockey, volleyball, and basketball. I know that in some countries the physical education system itself is built with a predominant emphasis on sports. But, for this purpose, you need an appropriate sports base. We do not have it for the vast majority of the population. We are not able to develop tennis, basketball, volleyball, hockey, or even football on a massive scale. For TV channels, these types are the main bread.
We will never (in the foreseeable future) become a great football power, no matter how much we watch daily and hourly "soap operas" of football matches in Brazil, England, Germany, grants of world football. There should also be national priorities in propaganda. And these are mass winter sports included in the Olympic Games program.
I can agree that hockey, in terms of intensity, entertainment, and popularity, is worth 10 gold awards, or even better, in terms of the number of players. But the flag is raised, and the anthem of Russia is performed for the whole world only once. A-great can only be considered a country that has performed well at the Olympics.

If we want to be a great Sport, we need to promote first of all the Olympic sports that best meet our climate conditions. We were great in the recent past: in speed skating, cross-country skiing, figure skating, biathlon, hockey. The country has not run out of talent. We must create conditions for their cultivation. It has come to the point that the success of high-level sports depends on the presence of a wealthy sponsor. This is a disgrace to the state.

According to the forecasts of senior officials, Russia in Vancouver can expect a tenth team result. Then - "unpopularity" will have to be determined by specific persons. It wouldn't hurt to do it right now. It couldn't be worse, and it won't be.

The following answers were received from experts and ordinary sports fans: The generation of the ' 90s should have come to Vancouver. And we have a demographic crisis at this time. Or: Why do we always look for" good " reasons? Many countries with a smaller population at times win the Olympics? There is only one reason - the incompetence of our sports managers. Have you ever heard that any of them made a sharp criticism of the state of Affairs with children's sports, sports facilities, and equipment available at affordable prices for teenagers? They are afraid to stick their heads out, not excluding the Olympic Champions.
Here, in addition to sports training, we need a civil position. And this, too, is brought up from an early age. And what the state offers-beer, drugs, neglect, prostitution, paid education, treatment.
We have, as a show, news programs about the police catching prostitutes every day. Good job. Something their demographics did not touch, but-on the contrary. That it is impossible to radically solve this problem? Can. Why? Then we need to allocate funds for the construction of sports bases, the production of affordable equipment, open children's sports schools, and organize mass competitions. In General, think and work.
So sorry for the Country.

As a result, we have the following: 1.Grigory Rodchenkov, an Amateur, was appointed Head of the Russian anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) instead of the well-established Nikolay Durmanov. 2. on September 30, 2009, it was announced that SPORT TV channel was being liquidated, despite the state's support for sport in our country as a phenomenon. 3. Failures in all directions: The loss of leading athletes and coaches, the ban of Meldonium as a drug for restoring body functions, and much more.

Based on the above, we ask you to cancel all results of Chistyakova, as well as to erase her name from the reference books on world athletics.