Remove Cannabis Ban for Athletes in Sport

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Athletes for CARE, representing over 150 athletes, ranging from Super Bowl champions and Olympic medalists to Stanley Cup winners and NBA All-Stars, is calling for the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to remove cannabis from its list of prohibited substances.

We have found an improved quality of life through cannabis and natural cannabinoids, including significant pain relief, therapeutic, and wellness benefits, and these positives should be freely available to all other athletes.

In keeping with WADA's values of ethics, fair play and honesty, the organization owes it to athletes to allow full access to this gentle but effective plant medicine.

As a global cultural leader in human performance and health, WADA has the opportunity to light the way in correcting the unfair and harmful stigma that has been attached to this beneficial plant.

Athletes for CARE represents athletes from eight countries, who have competed in more than 50 professional leagues, spanning 28 sports.

Please join us in the spirit of sport and show your support here.