Save racehorses in Australia from being slaughtered

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I am extremely disturbed to learn that thousands of racehorses are brutally slaughtered in Australia. This is very shocking news, uncovered in a special investigation by ABC 7.30. How long has this been going on?

Thousands of healthy thoroughbred racehorses are being shipped to their brutal deaths at abattoirs, where many are mistreated before being inhumanely killed for meat for human consumption.

In graphic and hard-to-watch vision, many of the horses were shown being abused by abattoir workers — whipped, kicked and punched, and electric prods used on their genitalia and anuses. One horse had to be bolted in its head five times before it eventually died.

This is a practice that regulation should prevent. NSW Racing insists this doesn’t occur, but secretly captured vision tells a very different and horrific story.

At one abattoir in southeast Queensland over a 22-day period, more than 300 racehorses were killed. At that rate, it would equate to around 4000 thoroughbreds destroyed at one facility alone.

Please, join my call to immediately stop this secret, barbaric practice by signing and sharing this petition. We need to protect these beautiful horses, because clearly racehorse owners cannot be trusted with them in life or death.