Petition update

Our Petition goes to Parliament at LAST

Jayne Linney
Leicester, United Kingdom

Nov 10, 2013 — At last we finally have a date to submit our petition for the Work & Select Committee to hold IDS to Account for his persistent misuse of statistics; on Monday 18th November @ 2pm we are meeting with both Liz Kendall – Shadow Secretary for Care and older people and Kate Green – Shadow spokesperson for Disabled people at Parliament.
From there Liz will place the petition in the Petition Bag (which hangs on the back of the Speaker’s Chair), and after presentation The Votes and Proceedings publication will record:

The petition’s subject matter.
Description of the petitioners.
that the petition was presented formally.
The full text of the petition will then be printed in Hansard. A copy of the petition will be sent to the DWP who are expected to offer observations which will also then be printed in Hansard.

This process guarantees we will receive a response, hopefully IDS will attendthe Select Committee on December 9th and there he will be challenged on his untruths.


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