Petition update

IDS goes to W&P Select - better late than never?!

Jayne Linney
Leicester, United Kingdom

Jul 31, 2013 — After last week's post where we confirmed IDS WOULD be attending the W&P Select on Sept 4; we now have yet a further update!!

Sheila Gilmore MP yesterday wrote

"I am afraid that IDS is now NOT coming to the meeting on September 4. This was always going to be a session on the Department's annual report as well as the statistics and apparently the Annual Report is not ready. A new date is being sought but this is now unlikely to be before October, which is extremely disappointing"
Clearly this is NOT what we want but there's nothing we can do except continue with our plans to formally submit our petition to Parliament; actual date to follow; this is disappointing to say the least but it makes our petition all the more relevant as it reads - "Work & Pensions Committee: Hold IDS to account for his use of statistics".

Entering this petitioninto the Commons should help the members of the W&P Select ensure that IDS DOES attend in Oct & that he IS held to account. So we ask you a


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