Petition update

100,000 Signatures!! A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO ALL

Jayne Linney
Leicester, United Kingdom

Jun 12, 2013 — This morning at 9.32 Ali Afshar Dodson signed & tipped the figures to the magic 100,00. This is momentous news, we already know that IDS is being called in to the Work & Pensions Select Committee answer for persistent misuse of statistics on September 4 2013; the same day our petition will be formally submitted to Parliament, and hopefully will serve as a reminder to ALL MPs that they are subject to Scrutiny by the People; and we WILL be watching.

Thousands of people left comments stating their reason for signing as they expect MPs to behave with Integrity & Honesty. Equally others signed stating that Welfare Reform discriminates against Sick & Disabled People; as a group we are subjected to more of the Cuts than any other and this is in breach of both Equality Legislation & our Human Rights. To this end can I please ask all of you to now sign the War on Welfare WOW Petition at and offer your support to this vital campaign.


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