WordPress & GoDaddy: Remove all content of conspiracy theorist Timothy Holmseth.

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Timothy Holmseth is a career criminal that has been convicted of DUI, trespassing, theft and he has also been arrested multiple times for violating restraining orders. 

Holmseth is a conspiracy theorist that began his reign of terror in 2009 when he became obsessed with the disappearance of 5-year-old Florida girl Haleigh Cummings. He began publishing bizarre sexual content about the little girl on his website WriteIntoAction.com (Go Daddy hosted). 

Holmseth started harassing the lawyer for Haleigh's mother Kim Picazio. She was granted a protective order (restraining order) and he has violated it multiple times.

Mr. Holmseth has been trying to get around the protective order by indirectly referencing her as "redacted" on his website, youtube videos and blog entries on wordpress, giving his unhinged followers enough info to identify her and further harass her on his behalf.

Furthermore, Holmseth has recruited other conspiracy theorists to actually mention Picazio's name. 

Holmseth's followers believe his baseless conspiracy theories and they stalk and threaten his targets. 

In addition to stalking Attorney Picazio, Holmseth's ghastly behavior even extends to targeting the families of murdered and missing children. Here are a few examples:

Haleigh Cummings vanished in 2009 and the investigators declared the case a homicide, but Holmseth thinks he knows more than the police and claims the child is alive. Holmseth falsely accused Haleigh's grandmother of having her, causing unhinged people on his youtube channel to start stalking Haleigh's grandmother on social media. 

Holmseth callously accused the families of children brutally gunned down in the massacre at Sandy Hook of being "crisis actors."

Holmseth is so depraved that he smeared the parents of murder victim Jacob Wetterling. A little boy that was killed, his killer confessed and plead guilty. However, Holmseth has targeted Jacob's parents, accusing them of devil worship and he falsely claimed they had their son killed during a Satanic ritual.

Holmseth has accused several people, too many to list, of being pedophiles, involved in child porn and even murder without backing up his accusations with credible facts. 

CLICK HERE to see a man wish death on Holmseth's targets. This sick follower wants to see them "swing" and "left to rot." 

CLICK HERE to see a man call for Holmseth's targets to be "quartered, hanged and burned." 

CLICK HERE to see a man call for the targets of Holmseth to "have their heads on pikes." 

Wordpress should remove his blog: https://haleighcummingsdotme.worcomdpress

GoDaddy should remove his sick website where he discusses children in a sexual way and posts photos of dead kids and abused children: http://writeintoaction.com/

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