Stop The Cuts To Rural Worcestershire Bus Routes

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It's recently been announced that thousands of villagers around Worcestershire could lose vital bus services in new cuts being put in place from September 2018. 


I am one of those villagers who will be affected. 


If First Wyvern cut the 363/373 service, I will be unable to get to work at Worcestershire Royal Hospital. I will lose all my freedom in my social time because I can't drive due to recently having surgery on my left elbow. It will be impossible for me to learn to drive in a month, especially while still recovering from my surgery. 

I have no way to catch a train, my dad takes the only car to work at 6am in Tewksbury. 


But that's just how I am affected. 


Think of the elderly people who rely on this service, the college and school students who could lose their service. The people who don't drive and rely on the services for making doctors and hospital appointments. 


These proposed cuts are disgraceful and First Wyvern needs to rethink any planned cuts to the rural bus routes. We lost our buses to Malvern in 2016. Now we're potentially losing all our buses. 


Please sign and share this petition because there are thousands of people that will potentially affected. This is a decision clearly being made to save money but nobody seems to be thinking about the implications of First Wyvern's customers.