Woolworths to introduce "Gardein" vegan/vegetarian cold meal range, please?

Woolworths to introduce "Gardein" vegan/vegetarian cold meal range, please?

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ATT: Woolworths


I message you from ULLADULLA NSW 2539, having created this petition in hope that you look into stocking the Vegan cold meals range 'Gardein'. I am not the only one vegetarian/vegan in Australia as you would be well aware, the numbers are rapidly growing. While you currently stock other vegan/vegetarian brand names, in which I buy Quorn & do like, it has eggs in it & the Quorn products are limited on the shelves in my local store. I personally have been buying 'Gardein' from an online supplier since last year, but on top of the food costs themselves, we have to pay an extra $11.95 for courier fees each purchase since we don't live in Sydney near their store for pick up. When buying in bulk from this provider, to avoid constant courier fees, it adds up to be very expensive when we try to have a lump sum of money in order to make a big buy to make it worthwhile. Woolies is my main grocery supermarket & I'd continue to frequently buy the Gardein range if you put it on your shelves & I'm sure other fellow vegetarians/vegans would be delighted to try & regularly buy Gardein too. I was introduced to this range after lots of online research into consumer reviews of different brands, this was the tastiest brand for me as well as many others. Since December last year I have spent close to $1000 on Gardein products, with courier fees, but I would have spent so much more if I could have avoided the courier fee. I hope you seriously consider profit margins as well as customer requests/suggestions, whilst not an independent supermarket I am sure you could negotiate with a Gardein stockist to introduce Gardein to Woolworths across Australia, in particular ULLADULLA NSW 2539. I personally buy & love their Roast with Cranberry & Wild Rice Stuffing, Meatless Meatloaf, Chick'n Madarin Orange, Breakfast Patty, Breaded Turk'y Cutlets, Crispy Tenders, Ultimate Beefless Burger, Crispy Chick'n Patty. www.gardein.com

Sincerely, the community.