VEGAN aisles to be implemented in Supermarkets across Australia!

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VEGAN aisles to be implemented in all Supermarkets across Australia.

Being fairly new to Veganism myself, I have noticed that in recent months Vegan options in Supermarkets are constantly ever-changing and are becoming a lot more easily accessible to the Australian public with local Supermarkets introducing more Vegan alternatives than ever.

The ONLY issue us Vegans have is that navigating these wonderful sustainable products can sometimes be very time consuming and difficult as our Vegan items are located around various areas of the Supermarket. (EG: Frozen sections, condiment aisle, gluten free aisle, cheese section, confectionary aisle, meat aisle).

I would like to collect as many signatures as I can to put forward the idea to our leading Australian Supermarkets that a VEGAN aisle in our local shopping centres would be beneficial to not only us Vegan consumers but anyone with certain food intolerances too. 

It will make our shopping experience quick, easy and hassle free as well as discovering new Vegan products we may have previously missed along the way. 

On behalf of Vegans around Australia, this change would be greatly appreciated!