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Pay our 5 month old beagle puppy's vet bills so we can find out what's wrong with her!!

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Abby is our 5 month old beagle puppy. She is a very much so loved part of our family, especially by our 15month old son. We got Abby as his first birthday present so they could grow up together as best friends.

We signed Abby up for "top cover" pet insurance on 26/9/2014 after recommendation from a colleague at work who has a puppy a few months older who just got injured and required surgery adding up to $5/$6k. On the 29/9/14 our son choked on his dinner and we had to call the ambulance and he ended up having aspirated pneumonia.

The following night (30/9/14) Abby had two seizures and we took her to the after hours emergency vet. The bill resulted in $700 but after phoning Woolworths pet insurance the following morning my mind was put at ease that they would cover it (one of the many pieces of misinformation this company has provided my husband and myself)

They later denied this claim as the emergency vet couldn't make a diagnosis. Woolworths advised that the diagnosis was "Seizures" even though on their claim form there is no specific place for the vet to write "diagnosis", they went through the notes & and picked the pieces they wanted to reject the claim.

Our normal vet did everything above and beyond to help us claim as they believe we are entitled to this claim.

Unfortunately for our beautiful Abby she continued to have more regular seizures and after going back and forth with our vet & having some tests whatever is wrong now requires specialist treatment which we cannot afford without being able to be reimbursed for 80% of the cost - for this is the reason we got pet insurance. The probably with this is that we phoned Woolworths before we went back to our vet and told them we would be sending Abby for tests and would it be claimable. They told us that because there is no diagnosis it would be covered as these new tests are outside the waiting period and there is no diagnosis so it can't be considered pre existing.

We went ahead and got the blood test ($350 including consult) and sent the claim in and woolworths have rejected it once again saying that the seizures are the diagnosis - even though the diagnosis is what we are trying to find out. Unfortunately for Abby the only treatment we can currently give her to relieve the pressure the seizures are putting on her brain is to give her an injection of diasapan after each seizure. We need to find out what's wrong with her so we can treat her properly and stop her suffering!

The results of this blood test is why our vet has referred us to the specialist - but unfortunately we can't take Abby because the consult alone is approx $150, then MRI, Spinal tap and cat scan to find out what's going on are so out of reach for our family as we are facing thousands!

Right now woolworths lack of knowledge in what is a diagnosis, symptom or condition is the reason out poor puppy is suffering and we are being forced to make harsh decisions.

Please sign this petition and help save our precious puppy's life so our little boy can grow up with his best friend.

NOW is the time to do what is morally RIGHT Woolworths!

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