Get Plastic off Vegetables & Fruit In Supermarkets!

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To keep it simple...

Our reliance on plastic for everything has become stupid and lazy, we are wrapping singular pieces of fruit in plastic.

See more images of plastic wrapped Fruits and Veges. Click Here

We don't have the means to recycle it all. It takes energy to recycle. So much of a plastics end up as microplastics in the oceans and in the nature where millions of animals choke to death on a belly full of plastic because they think its food.

We are asking that we pressure large supermarket chains to start by simply removing plastic off all fruit and vegetables. 

And guess what! They are already doing it, there is always an option to buy the loose fruit and vegetables and the plastic wrapped ones.

We would even be happy to sit down with the CEO's and help come up with better solutions.

Hope this all makes sense.

Share share share ---- so we can stop this ridiculous practice and start to be more conscious with plastic.