Plastic bag sales to be donated to farmers

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A 15c plastic bag may be the new hope for Australia’s produce industry. 

Australia’s current drought crisis is an issue which cannot be swept under the rug. Vast areas of New South Wales & Queensland have been faced with a drought the size of no other, with the ABC referring to it as, “the worst drought in living memory.” 

Though this may be the case, there may be a silver lining in this situation for everyone, even for the average environmentalist. Here’s the proposition...

The two supermarket giants in Australia, Woolworths & coles, to create a charity, in their names, regarding the wellbeing and financial support of Australian farmers, with funding provided by plastic bag sales.

The super markets will encourage the use of reusable bags, however offer plastic bags to those who have simply forgotten their reusable bags.

And no, you would not need to buy plastic bags to donate, as the two supermarkets will provide in store donation boxes. 

Lets think about the perspective of both Coles and Woolworths. This is an opportunity to gain more on the market in which you both already dominate. 

Woolworths has always labelled themselves as, ‘the fresh food people,’ surrounding their whole marketing strategy on the quality and freshness of their produce. Coles too have jumped on board with this strategy, ditching their ‘down down’ scheme. By giving to the farmers, not only does the quality of the produce increase, but too the influence the marketing strategy has on Australia.

Whether it be donating feed to a barren farm, or supplying new trucks for livestock to be carried on - you’re showing us, the consumer, that you care for your produce, that you really want to be the Australian produce giants. So c’mon Coles & Woolies, do the Aussie thing and help a mate out.







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