Ban Plastic Bags from Supermarkets

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There’s no denying it. Disposable plastic bags are suffocating the planet, with 60,000 plastic bags being consumed in the U.S. every 5 seconds. They are made using non-renewable resources, either petroleum or natural gas. They take huge amounts of energy to manufacture, transport across the country, and recycle. They don’t break down in landfill sites (due to lack of oxygen and light- nothing does), but over time they release dangerous chemicals. They’re incredibly difficult to recycle, causing problems such as blocking the sorting equipment used by most recycling facilities. They contribute to a widespread, global litter problem. So, do we really need them? We need to start to caring about our planet. We will be the most hated era in the 7 Million years that humans have existed! Why can't people just cop on and start thinking about life? About future generations? About Earth? Your children are going to be living in this horrible planet that we have made a mess of! If we keep treating Earth for granted, we will not only be hated as a race, one day, Earth will be gone, life will be gone, and humans will become extinct. McDonalds are not leaving straws out to take, you will be given the right amount. This is one small step to the finish line. It takes 100-1000 years for a plastic bag to decompose! Now, people are going to ask, "What will we use to carry our shopping?". It is as simple as a re-usable bag. It does every thing a plastic bag does, but better. Use it again and again and it has more space! We need to take care of future generations and societys. Please, just think, one step to another. I will leave you with this quote by the French Writer Simone de Beauvoir."Change your life today. Don't gamble on the future, act now, without delay".