Ban imported fruit in Woolies and Coles!

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Every time I visit Woolies or Coles, I struggle to find decent local produce. All the fruit I see has labels on it indicating it's come from a foreign country! Today, I saw navel oranges, mandarins and grapefruit from America and kiwi from Italy. All of these fruits are currently in season in Australia and available in abundance from both farmers here in Victoria, and farmers in the far north of our country. 

The Woolworths stated position, as a service to its customers, is to procure fresh produce from international sources only during periods of seasonal unavailability in Australia / New Zealand, or where there is a shortfall in local supply. Who keeps Woolies and Coles accountable to uphold this? We are clearly seeing something very different happening right now. This isn't new, either. This has been happening for a long time now!

Aside from the issues this causes to our Aussie Farmers who battle all kinds of conditions to survive, the fruit we are left with is irradiated and full of all sorts of chemicals that are not fit for human consumption!

Stop ripping off our local farmers, Woolies and Coles, and stop giving us poor quality, expensive fruit to eat! We don't want fruit that has been treated with the same radiation used to in cancer treatment, it's a disgrace this even happens. We deserve better!