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Who wants Milk and Bread returned to the front of the store?

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First world problems I know, but how convenient would that be?

Some of you will think "what a novel idea" and some of you will remember that the Milk and Bread used to always be at the front of the store.  It seems the only store that still does this is ALDI.  Peoples lives have got busier and we have an ageing population. So, no we don't want to have to walk half a mile to the back of your supermarket, either with tired and cranky children or our walker to simply top up on milk and bread supplies.

Make it easier for everyone and return these daily essentials to the front of the store for easy access and a quick trip in and out.  You may think it is clever putting these essentials at the rear of your store so that we are tempted to buy other items that we don't necessarily need, but really you are just wasting everybody's time and creating more chance of accident's occurring.

Trust me when I say "this will improve all customers experience of your store and it will demonstrate that you DO respect and appreciate your customers".

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