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Say no to plastics

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Take a look around you, how many plastic items can you spot? Indeed, they are everywhere, even in our bluest oceans, undetected in the form of microplastics. Thanks to Film Through Change for hosting a public screening of “a plastic ocean” where I learnt the dire state of our oceans and marine lives. Micro plastics are plastics broken down over time through sun, wind and tidal exposures and they float like a smog on the surface of the ocean. Toxins and chemicals in the waterway usually find themselves attach to these microplastics which are then consumed by marine life mistaken as food. The toxins are released into their system in particular in fat and muscles and the process goes up in the food chain. I looked back on my decision 4 weeks ago when I decided to become a pescatarian and thought to myself do I need to cut out seafood too now?! Controlling what we eat is easy, but how much do we cut back and when’s the end of all this? Let’s save our environment and our marine lives by switching plastic to reusable materials. Join me and say no to plastics at our major supermarkets today

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