More sustainable Woolworth's children's giveaways!

More sustainable Woolworth's children's giveaways!

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Started by Vanessa R

Every couple of months Woolworths runs a promotion where every dollar spent goes towards some free items for children.

Some of these items have been great - the endangered animal cards and the dominoes were winners and we still have them but the issue I have is the fact that they are wrapped in plastic and some of the other items have been plastic which breaks easily (marvel discs - current promo)

I am asking Woolworths to come up with more environmentally sustainable giveaways for children. Many children do not need these extra items and whilst they are fun for a month or two the interest wears off and I am sure many end up in landfill soon after the collection has been fulfilled or the promo is over. 

Woolworths - there are many other ways you can allow children to enjoy the shopping experience without supplying them with more plastic junk.

I am sure there are many ideas out there that are a lot more sustainable and easy to give away to young children. We need to teach our children that less is more and plastic toys wrapped in a plastic wrapper are not the answer to happiness.

Perhaps a promotion where children can drop in a reusable plastic coin for their charity of choice? Points towards a voucher to be spent on fresh food. 

Let's start moving away from consumerism.

Woolworths, you are a huge corporation and you are the ones that drive a lot of change. It's time to step up and consider the future you want. 

9,566 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!