Condition Purchasing Restricitions on Baby Formula

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Everyone must have heard by now this baby formula craze with individuals buying tin after tin of formula and selling it overseas to receive profit etc. Furthermore, groups are forming to collect as many tins as possible despite tins being restricted to 2 tins per person.

This is absolutely ridiculous and makes not just me angry and feel cheated. As a mother I understand the stress, however I've breastfeed both my children and other woman cant have that convient luxury.

Something more needs to happen to ensure the families needing this product are the first in line. Life is stressful enough with newborns and toddlers, parents dont deserve to find their local supermarkets have run out of stock due to greedy people wanting to make a quick dollar.

My suggestion is for customers to start being required to provide birth certificates, medicare cards, health care cards and so on to be given the right to buy formula as proof of proper use. This will hopefully prevent this trade to China happening as much as it is, put families at ease and put a stop to greedy childless customers who dont have the proper intention.

This needs to stop. Please help to make something, anything happen.