Coles and Woolies stop selling thick plastic bags.

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In June 2018 Woolworths & Coles in NSW stopped giving their customers free plastic bags on the grounds they are bad for the environment yet they are now SELLING thicker plastic bags at the checkout for a mere 15c. While these may be made of recycled plastic, the recycling creates pollution & the bags themselves still end up in our waterways & landfill as do the faux fabric ones they sell.

Coles & Woolies if you must sell bags to your customers we the undersigned would like the heavy plastic bags replaced with the green plant based fully compostable bags. Please replace your current plastic fruit & veg bags with these fully compostable bags too.

Personal story
While i acknowledge it's best we all bring our own bags from home quite a few retailers now offer these fully compostable bags to their customers who forget to bring their own including Flannery's who give them to their customers for free & i can't help questioning why if smaller companies can give them away for free or sell for 15c why huge companies like Woolworths & Coles refuse to do the same if they truly are concerned for the environment . These bags made from inert plant based material can be used a couple of times & as rubbish bags before they break down. I think it's disgusting Woolworths & Coles are now profitting from SELLING plastic bags that have just as much negative if not more impact on the environment than the thinner so called "single use" bags . I have posted this request several times on both Woolworths & Coles Facebook page & met with lame excuses & hollow empty promises.