Balloons are for Internal Use Only

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On a walk for 1km at the high tide mark, with a plastic bag I usually fill it with remnant bits of plastics left which have been brought in from the ocean. Bottle tops and lids a big one, foam, about 8 straws, 6 chupa chupa sticks, a dozen cigarette butts and often remnant balloons usually with the ribbon still attached. Twice now in one month, six balloons with ribbon. 

The packets of Balloons at Woolworths and Coles, have no instructions on the packaging that these should NOT be let off in the environment due to plastic pollution – litter on land, and more importantly when falling in water, adding more plastics to our oceans and a serious hazard to water life.

  1. Coles and Woolworths need to take action on the following:
  2. Add wording to packets of balloons that they are not to be released into the environment – “FOR INTERIOR USE ONLY”
  3. In addition to this petition, please email Woolworths and Coles that balloons are for internal use only

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