Australian Manufacturing is Under attack

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Australian Manufacturing is under attack

In 1936 Victor C Durran started manufacturing quality brooms, brushes and dustpans in Australia. At this time there was a vibrant manufacturing industry in Australia making the things we use everyday in our homes to clean and maintain our households.

Today The Geelong brush Company is the last man standing in volume manufacturing. Cheap international imports has decimated the industry and removed Aussie made from the shelves of our retailers

With shareholder wealth and profit the key drivers for these stores we need your help to tell the big hardware and supermarkets that you want to buy Aussie made cleaning products. That quality is important to you and Australian jobs are vital to the future of our manufacturing industry and our kids futures.

Dont let another industry go the way of our automotive industry

Geelong brush is making quality Aussie products for Aussie homes. It is a family owned business so the money stays here

tell Australian retailers #itstimetobuyaussie and you want Geelong brush Brooms, dustpans, mops and cleaning items available on their shelves for you to buy.