Objection to DA 449/2017/1 – 520-526 Old South Head Road, Rose Bay

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Rose Bay offers a good mix and variety in residential dwellings from existing apartments to detached housing. This mix, combined with the ease of having amenities close by and being able to walk down leafy streets that aren’t dominated by traffic give the neighbourhood its current “village” feel. People walk around and enjoy their neighbourhood and there is a strong sense of community. 

We have concerns that this proposed, 5 storey development of 28 apartments and 3 shops in Rose Bay may negatively impact this amenity, as follows:

Height and FSR are non-compliant with Council regulations. 

This noncompliance is unnecessary and unjustifiable. The penthouse on the corner of Dover Road exceeds the height limit of 14.5 meters and the elevator shaft overrun is even higher (18 m). 


There is a concern that the proposed car spaces and bike spaces will not be sufficient for the proposed commercial businesses as surrounding streets such as Dover Road are already struggling with lack of parking.

Traffic and Congestion

The proposed location of the driveway into and out of the development is in Dover Road in an area approaching the signalised intersection with Old South Head Road which is

(a) very short distance from the rear of a bus zone.  Traffic will stop when a bus approaches or is loading/unloading.  This will affect the flow of traffic to the left and block vision of traffic for drivers/cyclists that want to turn right.

(b) the close proximity of the traffic entering Dover Road from Short Lane from the adjoining development (which if Bunnings returns will consist of many trucks and lorries)

Currently there is traffic congestion in Dover Road banked back to Spencer Lane or beyond in the peak hours and school hours. Given the increase in density in the area the Traffic Engineer’s report that there will be a ‘net reduction in traffic’ and that there will not be any notable impact to the local road network” cannot be substantiated. 


There are major drainage problems in Rose Bay. This section of Rose Bay is low lying and does flood at times and any vegetation area lost adds to the possibility of a greater run off of water to other properties in bad weather.   


There is a concerned at the loss of privacy for surrounding neighbours and maybe some steps can be taken to alleviate that problem such as screening with vegetation on balconies that face other properties.  

Pedestrian disruption on Dover Road

Dover Road is a heavily used pedestrian link between Old South Head Road, New South Head Road and all the public infrastructure that lies between these two main roads such as shops, schools, churches, child care facilities, aged care facilities that reside, either on Dover Road itself, or in the nearby adjoining streets.  The exit and entrance to the driveway is directly in the path of this pedestrian flow.


The shadow diagrams provided in the DA show huge overshadowing and loss of light to the neighbouring buildings on Dover Road and Old South Head Road. 

Heritage loss

The residents in the surrounding streets are also low rise, turn of the century.  The old church on the opposite street corner is a visual, heritage and community focal point that needs to be retained.  The significant heritage character of the area will be compromised by the modern character height and scale of this development and the loss of heritage frontage on Old South Head Road and Dover Road.

Loss of character and amenity

The planning application submitted by the Developer is not what this community area either wants or needs.  

The planned height, bulk and look of the proposed apartment bulk, combined with the Bunnings site is wholly out of place on Old South Head Road and would ruin the amenity and character of the existing turnoff the century, low rise character of the area, particularly as the intersection of Dover Road and Old South Head Road provides an important visual gateway to Rose Bay. Views can be seen right down to the harbour from this key entry point. 

It will not provide more businesses or create more jobs as there are already businesses on the site and these are going to be replaced and reduced in number, not increased. The proposal to replace the existing mechanic workshop (which is probably the only mechanic left in Rose Bay and the area) with another cafe (of which we have in abundance) will affect the variety of services on offer in the immediate area. 


Construction noise will be extensive and above acceptable limits.  Can this be contained by the Developer using machinery that reduces noise and smaller trucks in surrounding streets that will not block traffic or create extra noise and house vibration?

Lack of existing infrastructure

 Public transport and local schools are already at capacity.  Additional residents will only add to this existing pressure.

The construction of viable bike paths, the community centre and public carpark in Rose Bay have been identified by council.  These are gaps on essential services that already exist in Rose Bay. Squeezing more people into Rose Bay will just make these shortages even harder to manage. #sydneyisfull !!

Given the points raised, we oppose the current plan.