ANZ building Rose Bay DA 643/2017/1

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We have concerns about the above proposal and how it will impact on the village feel, amenity and existing infrastructure gaps in Rose Bay. Some of our concerns are as follows:

1. Heritage : The Demolition report submitted by the developer states that "the development is not in the vicinity of any heritage items and it is not located in a heritage conservation area."!!!!! It is directly opposite Rose Bay Hotel and the Church which are both heritage listed!  Plus it is in a focal point at the apex of Dover Rd, right at the T-junction with NSHR so it is a highly visible landmark that  therefore must be sensitive to the style and architectural character of neighbouring buildings and Rose Bay village atmosphere. It will disrupt the ocean view that can be seen all from the top of Dover Road near Old South Head Road, which gives the entire Rose Bay neighbourhood connection through low rise heritage architecture and visible proximity to trees and water. 

The architecture style is 'modern' like any other place, no attempt to give it any character, again eroding the specific character of the neighbourhood which is predominately Edwardian.  It sets a precedent for that row of prominant shopfront that is a focus of the Rose Bay village. 

2. Stormwater: The site at the rear slopes from south to north which means it will impact on drainage, stormwater etc.  Already the basement garages in northside adjoining residential properties flow with raw untreated sewage seeping into the garage after heavy storms! This problem is an urgent health risk and additional building, excavation etc will impact greatly.

The property falls from South to North (affecting residential properties ) falling to 3.3 metres at Collins Ave frontage.

Rose Bay Floodplain Risk Management Study "recommends a more efficient program of works and measures in terms of social, environmental and economic impacts of flooding ." !!!!

"The building must ensure existing overland flow paths are maintained and are unobstructed by new structures."

3. Height Variation :

Under the LEP a max. height. limit of 14.1m applies to the site. However this DA proposes a height of 17.1 m!  This is utterly unjustifyable and unnaceptable. The proposed height is NOT in keeping with the character of Rose Bay. The village feel will be eroded with each tall building and that's the reason people want to buy in, because of that quaint village feel.

4. Parking : The seven car parking spaces proposed with NO accessible car parking spaces are innadequate and unnaceptable. It is understood that a financial contribution may be made to Council in lieu of on-site car parking, to compensate for the for the shortage of onsite car parking as proposed." This is an unnacceptable proposal to neighbouring residents. 

5. Shadow: Height tof the building witll cast a shadow that will block sun, light and warmth over our Townhouses and common property garden which can affect our property prices.  It will also cast shade over New South Head Road.

6. loss of privacy and accoustic issues as harbour-facing balconies and windows look directly over neighbouring courtyards. This will impact on the amenity of adjoining properties and property value. 

7. Traffic: Additional cars will impact traffic on the already congested cul-de-sac in Collins Avenue. It will have a retail component and retail outlets require deliveries. Apart from the ANZ bank, Rose Bay does not need additional retail outlets as there are some existing shops for lease. This added shop will generate more vans / trucks circulating early morning whilst bleeping all the way down the cul-de-sac and back past residents' bedrooms on Collins Avenue. 

Please sign the petition in support of these objections to be presented to Woollahra Council and Gabriel Upton MP.