Steyne Park - not Steyne Car Park

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We need your support to stop Woollahra Council from replacing their Cross Street Car Park by turning Steyne Park into a car park for at least 3 years.

On Dec 10, 2018 motion 249/18 was passed “THAT Council discusses the shared use of Steyne Park with Double Bay Public School and other stakeholders for the estimated construction period of 36 months”. The motion was passed 9-6 by the Council.

Unfortunately, we are only too used to these “discussions” becoming reality.

In 1834, land on the waterfront at Double Bay was reserved for a park by the Surveyor General Thomas Mitchell. This reserved land by the harbour was named The Steyne and has been a source of joy and enjoyment to thousands and thousands of people over the subsequent nearly 200 years.

The park is a public amenity, well-used by the wider community, not just the local residents. Think about what not having proper access to the park for 3 years will mean to locals, young parents who use the playground, fitness enthusiasts, walkers, sailors, tourists who admire the views as well as local schools like Double Bay Public School and Ascham who use the space for sports and other activities. What happens to all the picnickers, sunbathers and ad hoc sports that take place in the park? There would be huge safety issues with increased traffic and a whole range of environmental concerns in an area of with protected native species.

The Council is in no position to use public recreation facilities listed in their Local Environment Plan in order to gain financial benefit. In 1904, it was gazetted that the Council were the appointed ‘Trustees of Steyne Park’. The Council needs to start acting like trustees of the park, not destroyers. How much money has been spent on irrigation, topsoil and care for the park which will just be wasted? Have they thought about the damage to the existing ancient trees from this stupid proposal?

This proposal needs to be stopped dead in its tracks and the Council forced to come up with other ideas for the Cross Street Car Park.