End the ASO Musicians' Lockout!

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The lockout is over! Thank you to everyone who signed the petition. When I created the petition, I did not naively think the Woodruff Arts Center board would read it and end the lockout (oh, how I wished). Sometimes, the greatest success a petition can bring is to help others have a voice. At the beginning of the lockout, the Woodruff Arts Center board questioned public support of the musicians. A few weeks later, WAC CEO Virginia Hepner stated in an interview she wished the petition would stop. Our voices were heard. I still plan to deliver the petition with all the comments, as promised. The conversation needs to shift from ending the lockout to ensuring another lockout never happens again. By delivering the petition, we can help further demonstrate the public support for the ASO and its musicians. I hope you will continue your support for the ASO in the future. I encourage each of you to stay informed with Save Our Symphony Atlanta so we can help the ASO thrive. If possible, please purchase a ticket for an upcoming ASO performance. I hope to see you at Atlanta Symphony Hall! The music finally plays!

Meghan McCloskey
7 years ago