Help remove Woodroffe High School's credit barrier

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Hello, my name is Sami El Sayed. I am a grade 12 student at Woodroffe High School. I am speaking to you because of a new change in how the school will be run starting this year. The current administration of the school have elected to reduce outside of timetable credits to a maximum of two. These courses include: Concert Band, Stage Band, Musical Theatre, Outdoor Education, Leadership, Yearbook and many more. While this may not appear to be a severe problem for your child, the consequences in the long term are not pleasant. Almost none of these programs get adequate funding, however with the two course maximum, there is an artificial barrier against what the students want. Less students means less overall funding in the future, which could eventually lead to programs as a whole getting cut. Even if you do not hold art with intrinsic value, there are universities and colleges that accept certificates such as the Arts Letter, as well as specified scholarships for arts programs. These are all consequences that should be considered before making a sudden cut to important courses, and we as those affected by it must voice our opinions in order to get any form of change.

By signing your name to this campaign, you are in support of the student’s right to choose their own courses at will. You also support that those responsible for the change in system should be held accountable to revert the decision. Please help us take back our freedom as students to choose.