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Hamilton the Mini Pig of Venice is a Common Household Pet

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We are asking you to sign a petition in support of the Woodmere Lakes Homowner's Association recognizing (as we do) that Hamilton is a purebred Miniature Potbellied Pig and as such a common household pet and not a swine.  He has been living with us since August 2016 and they have been aware of him the entire time.  In this time, Hamilton has become a very loved member of our family.  Our four little girls would be devastated to lose their pet. 

We purchased Hamilton a purebred Miniature Potbellied pig in August 2016 after doing research on great pets from a breeder in Arcadia.  We looked up the Sarasota County Ordinances, which clearly excluded miniature potbellied pigs from swine status:

ANIMALS, FARM OR LIVESTOCK OR POULTRY. The keeping and raising of farm animals, livestock and poultry is permitted only as specifically set out in these zoning regulations.  These include any animals raised for food or product. In addition, they include the following, regardless of purpose:

a.       All animals with hooves, either single or split;

b.      All members of the ovine (sheep), bovine (cows and cattle), caprine (goats), equine (horses and ponies), and swine (pigs and hogs) families;

c.       Emus, rheas, and ostriches; and

d.      All poultry (chickens, roosters, turkeys, ducks, geese and the like).

The following animals are specifically excluded when they are not kept or raised for food or product:

a.       Purebred miniature potbellied pigs. 

ANIMALS, DOMESTIC. Animals that are normally considered household pets, including but not limited to dogs, cats, birds, fish, and rabbits.

Here is our HOA restriction:

4.19 Animals. No horses, cattle, swine, goats, poultry, or other animal or fowl not customarily regarded as a common household pet shall be kept on any homesite.

 They told us they understood our position of him as a pet and with the additional education did not believe it would be a problem, but would put it in front of their attorney.  We would hear back from them if it was indeed and issue.  We never heard from them.  Now in November 2017, over a year later.  We are once again receiving letters saying we are in violation for having a swine on our property.  Obviously, our family has become very attached and thought the issue was laid to rest many months ago.

Once again, our position is he is not a swine or bred and raised for food or product.  He was bred and raised as a family pet.  He lives completely in our home, just like a dog.  He only goes outside on a leash for walks and to use the restroom.  He is never left outside unattended.  He is strictly a pet and sleeps in our home.  He does not bark or make any unwanted or loud noises.  He is not bothering any of our neighbors.

We have his birth certificate as proof of his parentage and purebred status and a letter from our vet reinforcing he is a pet and under her care as such.  Hamilton's only purpose in life is to be a companion pet.  Please help us save our family pet and sign our petition asking the Woodmere Lakes Homeowner's Association to change their swine definition and recognize as the county does and many other cases have that Hamilton is a common household pet.

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