Petition Update

Homeles for the holidays

Anita Reyes
Minneapolis, MN

Dec 26, 2012 — As of last Friday I was evicted. My belongings removed by the Woodlands National Bank, they are demanding over $5,900.00 to give my belongings back. This is after the sheriff handed me a business card of a Marty Ringham of Countryside Reality in Milaca, Minnesota. Ace Moving and Storage will be auctioning my belongings off on January 2nd. I believe Woodlands National Banks actions are just a continuation of the harassment they have assaulted me with because I refuse to sign a 'release of any wrongdoing' and forgo any past verbal agreements they have made with me. Let Woodlands National bank know their actions are unethical, immoral and illegal. 320-532-4142, president Ken Villebro 320=532-7003, Cindy Koonce VP 320-532-7001. I'll be outside their bank living in my truck. So far it's gotten as cold as 5 degrees, not counting windchill. Please continue to support me, I need the help! Alone, Woodlands thinks it can do whatever they want. Thanks, Anita