Petition Update


Anita Reyes
Minneapolis, MN

Nov 16, 2012 — Woodlands National bank is still trying to force me into the streets when all I want is for them to uphold their word and help me maintain ownership!
Say a prayer, whisper in the wind, petition the powers that be and ask that the judge that resides is given wisdom and allows me to remain in my home of 17 years. I'm not asking the bank for a hand-out, all I'm asking for them to do is to uphold the word of their bank representative VP Cindy Koonce. She promised to help me maintain ownership during the redemption period, and I believed her. Now I may become homeless with nothing, living in my truck, when I could had sold my beloved home of 17 years and had a minimum of 50-60 thousand dollars in pocket. If the bank is successful in their lies I will be living in my truck. As the temperatures drop soon the snow will fall. The bank doesn't care and no one will remember the one that froze in her truck because of the banks lies and greed.
Contact Woodlands and demand they uphold their word!