Petition Update


Anita Reyes
Minneapolis, MN

Sep 26, 2012 — Woodlands National bank has gotten the courts to reinstate expired eviction order. Call Woodlands National bank president Ken Villebro and tell him to uphold promise their VP Cindy Koonce made to me during redemption period. A promise for me to maintain ownership.
REMEMBER I could had sold during the redemption period and been debt-free with a minimum of 60 thousand dollars in pocket. Instead I believed VP Cindy Koonces promises!!!
Please call 320-532-7003 or email and ask him to reconsider eviction order and allow me to maintain ownership as promised by Woodlands National banks representative VP Cindy Koonce.
This is urgent, I could be living in my truck as soon as tomorrow!
Desperately seeking your help, Anita.
*see Occupy Woodlands National bank-Minneapolis' on for updates