Petition Update


Anita Reyes
Minneapolis, MN

Sep 1, 2012 — Now that I have refused to sign Woodlands National Bank's 'rental lease' will they choose to evict me from my home of 17 years or will they 'do the right thing'?
The 'rental lease' was a month to month, no more a year. My home, my place of security, a place of memories and dreams of being an old woman here could not exist under those terms.
My health suffers from the much more can I take?
They're wrong!!!
Contact Woodlands President Ken Villebro and tell him 'no to rental', demand he give Anita's home back!' 1-320-532-7003, 1-800-532-4142 or
I deserve it. I can pay.
Please continue to get others to sign.
Thank you for your help, I need it. Anita