Petition Update

Update!: No honor among thieves -- Woodlands offers to rent me my own home

Anita Reyes
Minneapolis, MN

Aug 4, 2012 — Wow, 25,000 signatures, thank you all so much! Your support is important to me, not just to fight for my home, but to help keep me balanced during such a stressful time. Thank you!

Unfortunately, despite your support, Woodlands Bank has come to me with their final offer – “pay us to stay in your home for one year, then get out.”

I refuse to let a bank steal my home, only to rent it back to me and kick me out one year later. I will not let my own bank profit off my suffering. I will not be moved.

However, I cannot do this alone. Only through the continued support of people like you, will I be able to win back my house. Please call President Ken Villebro of Woodlands National Bank today (320-532-7003) and demand that Woodlands Bank meet with me and renegotiate my mortgage.

And if you haven’t already, please share this petition to your friends, family and community. Every one of your signatures count.

Thank you.