Petition Update

Woodlands Bank refuses to negotiate

Anita Reyes
Minneapolis, MN

Jul 31, 2012 — On Thursday, July 26th, I traveled the 90 miles to Woodlands National Bank’s Headquarters in Onamia, MN, alongside supporters from the American Indian Movement and Occupy Homes MN.

I traveled all that way so that I could give Woodlands Bank another chance. I wanted to show them that I would do all the work, that I was willing to pay. However, when I entered the bank with the required paperwork and asked to meet with Vice President Koonce, she flat out refused. A bank representative then went so far as to call the police and proceeded to kick us out of the building.

I went into Woodlands Bank hoping to negotiate, but instead they called the police.

Call President Ken Villebro (320-532-7003) and Vice President Cindy Koonce (320-532-7001) and ask why Woodlands National Bank would rather kick its own customers out than negotiate.